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Globally the number of people living with the HIV & AIDS reached 33.4 million in 2008. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to about 67% of all people living with HIV and accounts for almost 72% of AIDS deaths globally. South Africa ranks in the top five highest HIV prevalence countries in the world, with 17.5% of the population estimated to be infected.

South Africa has the highest number of people infected globally, estimated at around 5.3 million. This includes 220 000 HIV positive children under the age of 15 years in 2008 (UNAIDS 2009). The UNAIDS 2009 Global Report Epidemic Update estimated that in 2008, 310 000 people died from AIDS in South Africa. In 2009, there were almost 2 million children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. South Africa is regarded as having the most severe HIV epidemic in the world.- Source: UNAIDS, AIDS Epidemic Update: November 2009

HIV and AIDS has adversely affected every facet of life, the workplace, schools and in the home. It has increased poverty and left behind many orphans.

In the mist of all this a group of concerned Christians knew they couldn't solve the HIV & Aids epidemic but they could however make a difference in some children's lives. Therefore MusaweNkosi was established in 2001 as a registered charity to help address the orphan problem in rural communities around Empangeni. Initially projects were community based seeking to help orphans and their guardians in their homesteads. By educating and assisting the guardians on how to get their grants, supplying food parcels and blankets to help an already battling grandparent to look after their grandchildren. 

After time the community saw how the orphans were being helped and given a brighter future, it approached the organization and told us about many children who needed care and protection and asked if we could help those orphans by building a home for them as the community had tried their best to help them but the problem was growing bigger everyday and the children needed parents in their lives. So in December 2004 through calculated coordination and generous donations the first home was built at Entoweni.