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Past projects

MusaweNkosi seeks to not only help orphans and vulnerable children but to get involved in community upliftment as well. Have a look at some projects we did in the past.


Water Projects
The water project provides bore holes so water can be obtained locally.  Running water is taken for granted by many around the world.  In this part of South Africa, however, water must be collected daily.  Sometimes water is fetched from far away.  

Why? There is no suitable source more locally. MusaweNkosi has financed the drilling of bore holes to provide water without having to travel for miles. The picture here is of one such source. There is more which needs to be done though.

Farming Project
The local agricultural college helps with growing food. People do have plots of land on which to grow food, but the local practices are not always the most productive.  

MusaweNkosi has secured help from a local agricultural collage to help and advise the communities to get the best from the resources that they have available.  Improvement can be made in crops planted and techniques used to tend the plants. The food grown is primarily to supplement the diet.