About Us

Where We Came From

In 2001, God touched the heart of a young housewife. He gave her a burden for the orphans in the rural areas around her town. Elaine shared this with her husband Gavin and together they started to look into the problem. What they found was overwhelming, the life expectancy in this area was 38 years. One quarter of the children in school were orphans and every home was affected by HIV/AIDS. 

Too many problems to count – poverty, no education, abuse of women and children, no food, substance abuse, illness. Yet, God is a God of the impossible and MusaweNkosi – which means God’s grace, was started. The goals were to identify orphans; support guardians; support schools and start a feeding program. Over it all, the aim was to show God’s lovingkindness and point to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Where We Are Now

In 2020 God has enabled us to come a long way from where we began. Over 100 children have passed through our doors – some for a short while and some for many years. What seemed impossible has become a reality, God has blessed this work and allowed it to grow. 

We have 4 homes in Entoyeni currently housing 40 children. We employ 20 people. And our projects extend to old age pensioners, feeding schemes, education programmes, home visits and spiritual education. We have supported 3 through theological training and have been involved in a number of Sunday Schools, churches and holiday clubs.

Where We Are Going

We are starting a skills training academy to help our older children prepare for the outside world. We want to teach a skill and basic business practices so that they can start their own business and sustain themselves. We hope that this will one day grow into teaching the community at large. 

We also want to build a community hall in Enseleni. This will be used for a creche, feeding scheme and training centre. 

Beyond that, we do not yet know. Jesus told his disciples that the poor would always be with them and it is true. The work will never be done. It can be daunting and even make one despondent to see the world, but our God is greater than the problems. He will continue to provide solutions and we will continue to exist and work for His glory. 


Eniwe is out in the rural areas to the South of Empangeni and eNseleni is a township to the North East of Empangeni. Where is Empangeni? Click here for Google Map of our location