January was a very busy month for us at MusaweNkosi. It is the start of a new school year. This meant that 35 children needed new school uniform and shoes. The term began on the 9 January and this was a very busy day for the caregivers as they need to make sure that all the children are up, dressed and prepared for their first day of school.

After a few weeks of getting up later they all had to get up at 5am. Some of the children needed more than one wakeup call!

It was very noisy when the children came home from school as they all wanted to talk about their day and share their highlights.  The school expects each child to cover their books in brown paper and plastic to reduce the damage to the books. Each child has 14 books, you can imagine the mammoth task the caregivers had. The department of Education did not give the school the correct amount of exercise books, so some of the high school children had to buy their own. 

Schools do not provide the children with stationery so they are required to buy their own. I use to think it was daunting sorting out all the school things for my own children but organising for all the Musawenkosi children really is a mammoth task that takes weeks not days.

In between all this we have had new children arrive and have to start the whole process from the beginning with them.

For the last few years Mpact a local paper factory has been very generous and donated some of the required stationery to us. This is a huge help but we still require some more stationary for the children. Buying stationary is important for the children’s education but it also reduces the funds that are used to care for their general well-being. If you are able to assist any way, no matter how small, your gift will be greatly appreciated.