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Volunteering with MusaweNkosi

If you are caring, flexible and looking for an exciting way to spend your gap year, MusaweNkosi is for you! Volunteering with Musa will be an experience that you won’t forget. There are many opportunities and so much potential to reach South Africa, beginning in the lives of these little ones. There is so much that can still be done, we just need the means by which to do it.


We are hoping to expand various aspects of our work, depending on the number of volunteers that we have. We would love to have people who are willing to volunteer for between 3 and 12 months, to expand an already growing work.


As a volunteer you will be involved in different projects of Musa. Mainly, you will be visiting the site regularly and getting to know the children there. You will be involved in organising educational activities, games, and helping with homework. Another part of your work will be going out to the primary school to do the Neema literacy programme there. You may also be involved in some practical work including the food shopping for the project. This, however, will take up a small percentage of your time!


Some of the questions you might have are answered below – if you have any other questions however, feel free to contact us!


How long can I stay?

We would prefer that you come for a minimum of 3 months, to allow time for the children to get to know you. You can stay for up to 1 year, and if you want to stay on after this, it can be arranged by speaking to the volunteer coordinator.


Where will I be living?

We have separate accommodation for our volunteers to stay together. You may be asked to share a room with other volunteers depending on the number that we have. Volunteers will stay in the town of Empangeni, and travel to work each day.


How do I get to work?

It will be very helpful if you have a driver's licence, since the children's home is outside town. However, there is other people here who can drive as well. The journey is about 20 minutes to Nseleni for the feeding scheme and 30 minutes to the children’s home.


Do I need to learn the local language?

Zulu is spoken a lot between the children, but the national language is English. Your role will be to encourage the children to speak more in English, so you won’t need to learn Zulu. For Bible lessons etc you will speak with a translator. You will learn a few basic Zulu words during orientation when you arrive here. It is always fu to let the children teach you some words and phrases as well! ;)

How do I apply?

If you are from Germany you have the possibility to come to South Africa with the help of APCM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pfingstlich-Charismatischer Missionen). 

If you are from the UK, UFM often offers the possibility to join a summerteam coming out and doing holiday bible clubs here. Just contact them to get more information.

You can also come on your own

You can choose when you start and finish, as long as you stay for a minimum of 3 months. You will need to apply at least 4 months before you plan to arrive, as we need you to bring a police clearance from your own country. We will ask you for €450 per month.

This includes accommodation, food, transport from Durban King Shaka airport, fuel costs, 2 trips to the game park and 1 other day/weekend trips during your stay, and an administration fee. You will have to pay for your own flights separately.

As we are a non- profit organisation, we depend on volunteers and so cannot pay you for your work.